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To: Unicode Consortium
From: Craig Jones, BeardEmoji
Date: 19th April 2016

Beards have been grown in many lengths, shapes and colours since the existence of man therefore we are requesting the addition of a beard emoji.

There is currently no beard emoji being used on any major platform.

Expected Usage
Suitability for Inclusion
A bearded emoji wouldn’t only be used by men with beards; beard lovers known as pogonophile’s (, barbers, the beard care/accessory industry and facial hair models would most likely use such emoji to represent themselves or to combine with other emoji’s to express their feelings or activities.

Emotional Content
There are communities around the world that group themselves as part of a ‘beard gang’, ‘bearded villains’ and ‘beard season’ which would make great use for the proposed emoji. For the past six years I’ve helped raise support and awareness of bowel cancer by encouraging men to grow beards for the month of December, known as Decembeard (

During the Decembeard campaign and months throughout, there are many questions asked and statements such as ‘Why is there no beard emoji?[1]’, ‘She captured the fleekness of the beard (insert beard emoji here) [2]’, ‘Where's the beard emoji when you need one?[3]’, ‘It's 2016, how is there no "lumberjack beard hipster emoji" ???[4]’, ‘If only I had a beard emoji now to express my feelings.[5]’. We believe there would be high frequency for this emoji.

[1] @3lone 5 Mar 2016
[2] @Preciado93 21 Nov 2015
[3] @GeorgieCalle 27 Oct 2015
[4] @annayvettemusic 7 Mar 2016
[5] @peterkwright 15 Apr 2016

Anticipated Objections
Similar to moustaches, in recent years being called ‘creepy looking’ yet promoted during the month of November for Movember, facial hair doesn’t always tickle everyone’s fancy and they prefer the clean shaven look. This smooth faced representation can at least be expressed with the use of other current emoji’s. The length, shape and colour of the beard could be debatable as it may not be a true representation of that person, however with Mark Davis (Google Inc.) and Peter Edberg (Apple Inc.) looking into emoji mechanisms (, which came after the concern of diversity, it could be possible that length and colour of the beard can be modified similar to proposed hair colour variants.

Multiple Usages
There would be several uses for a beard emoji for either self-representation (has a beard or growing a beard), complimenting a beard wearer or by combining other pictographs to describe a specific action or activity. A few examples can be found under ‘Evidence of Use in Running Text’.

Evidence of Use in Running Text
“I have an epic beard” “I’m growing a beard for charity #Decembeard” (self-representation)
“You have an epic beard” “You should grow a beard” (complimenting a beard wearer)
“I think my beard needs a trim” (combined with scissors)
“Visit our barbershop for a beard trim” (combined with barber pole)
“I shaved my beard off” “You shaved your beard off” (combined with scissors or face without mouth)
“I’m washing my beard” (combined with shower, bath or water)
“I love men with beards” “He’s lumbersexual” (combined with kiss or heart)
“Beard problems” (combined with ice cream or spaghetti)

Evidence Frequency
Google Trends: “Beard Emoji” vs “Moustache Emoji”

Google Trends: “Beard Emoji” vs “Moustache Emoji”

Google Trends: “Beard” vs “Moustache”

Google Trends: “Beard” vs “Moustache”

Google Search: “Beard”

Google Search: “Beard””

Google Search: “Moustache”

Google Search: “Moustache”

Google Search: “Moustache Emoji”

Google Search: “Moustache Emoji”

Google Search: “Beard Emoji”

Google Search: “Beard Emoji”

Instagram Tag Search:
#Beard (
#Moustache (

Instagram Tag Search: #Beard vs #Moustache

Image Distinctiveness
We request a beard emoji to be added which will notably be different by the visibility of facial hair around the cheeks, mouth and chin and not of a faint-tinted colour which could get confused with stubble.

Proposed Entries for Unicode
Concept by Craig Jones, to be licenced for non-commercial use and free to share and use.

Beard Emoji 1
Beard Emoji 2
Beard Emoji 3
Beard Emoji 4
Beard Emoji 5
Beard Emoji 6
Beard Emoji 7
Beard Emoji 8

Example use of a beard emoji and in situ on Apple’s emoji keyboard.

Example use of a beard emoji and in situ on Apple's emoji keyboard

The proposed pictograph would fill a void in the existing types of emoji which do not represent facial hair.

Frequently Requested
On 4th December 2013, Adam Ellis from BuzzFeed posted “18 Emojis That Should Exist But Don’t”. Since then, some of these emoji’s have been officially released whereas the beard emoji has not (

On 24th February 2015, Rhik Samadder from The Guardian mentioned “The new ‘diverse’ emojis don’t go far enough. We demand redheads, afros and beards” (

On 22nd October 2015, BBC Newsbeat mentioned “No beard emoji but now you can swear with the latest iOS 9.1” (

On 15th March 2016, Jeremy Burge from Emojipedia announced the “Top Emoji Requests 2016” of which a Beard Emoji was top of the People, Faces and Gestures category. (

Our website accepts digital signatures which is integrated with to help gage the popularity of a beard emoji for inclusion. As of 27/02/2021 it holds 32656 signatures which have been from organic search engine results and discoverability of our social presence.

Factors for Exclusion
Overly Specific
Realistically, the only overly specific factor for a beard emoji would be the debate regarding the length, shape and colour of the beard as it will not always be a true representation of a person but would have similarities. However, this may be overseen as other emoji’s currently do not cater for hair style, length or colour.

Open Ended
A beard emoji would be the first unique emoji to support full facial hair.

Already Representable
Currently the only emoji with a beard is the ‘SANTA’ (U+1F385) emoji, however it lacks use throughout the year because of the Christmas hat and inability to change the colour of the white beard. On some platforms such as Apple and Twitter the ‘MAN’ emoji (U+1F468) is represented with a moustache but not on others.

Although a topic questionable by fashionistas that a beard was just a trend during 2014 to present, beards have played its part in history and cultural religious traditions ( A beard develops during puberty in males therefore young adults may use a beard emoji to express either positive or negative comments regarding their own facial hair growth.

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