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Wednesday 21st October 2015 : unicode  emoji  apple  

Apple has released iOS 9.1 which not only brings the usual bug fixes and enhancements but also includes over 150 new emoji characters.

iOS 9.1 Emojis by Beard Emoji

However, it's bad news I'm afraid. The beard emoji was not one of them. [Insert middle finger emoji here… yes, seriously, you can now ?]

New emoji characters include additions to each category such as smiley's, weather, sport, food and drink however I suspect the most used will be the taco and the middle finger emoji… probably not always in the same sentence.

As a fellow geek to the digital world, I come to question the "nerd" emoji as I don't wear glasses nor do I have two goofy front teeth. There's a difference between a geek and a nerd you know! ?

Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation and handling of text, developed and maintained by the Unicode Consortium. Once a new emoji character is approved for inclusion, it doesn't mean it's automatically available to use. Each manufacturer then needs to include the character sets in their operating system and design it appropriately for devices. You may see apps and keyboards available in the App Store that offer additional 'Emojis' however these are just images which you can copy/paste into chats, emails and send as an MMS (beware, they can incur you costs) and sent over the data connection - they are not official emoji characters. I will go into this in more depth in another post shortly.

The new emoji character sets include Unicode 7 and 8, as well as the Yin-Yang symbol that actually goes back to Unicode 1.1 as a black and white text based font, which now has a graphical representation.

Unicode 9 is still in the candidate stage for review in May 2016, which includes bacon (I agree, this is needed), an owl, croissant, lying face and a drooling face. So technically we have a little extra time to try and get the beard emoji noticed by the Unicode Consortium for inclusion.

So without delay, sign the beard emoji petition, tell your friends and make some noise using the hashtag #BeardEmoji on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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