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Tuesday 3rd November 2015 : unicode  emoji  beard banter  

The Unicode Consortium require examples of how a beard emoji would be used in real world context. Can you help?

Emoticons vs Emojis by Beard Emoji

As a beard emoji does not exist, I have been reverting back to the good old days when we used emotions. An emoticon's original purpose was to express ourselves using standard characters on the device, such as :-P or :P which represents a face sticking its tongue out.

Let's go back (quite) a few years... when I was lucky enough to be one of the first kids at school to have a mobile telephone. It was an Ericsson Flip Phone, I can't remember the model number but it was the size of a house brick.

I only ever used it to call my parents when I needed picking up from somewhere until one day, I received my first SMS message from a complete stranger. The message read:


...that's right, my first ever digital communication was an emoticon of a pair of boobs.

In order to put our case forward to Unicode, they require real world examples of how a beard emoji would be used in a sentence.

Head over to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use the emoticon :)# in place of where you would use a #BeardEmoji in a sentence.




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