Emoji Hair Colour, Gender and Direction

Tuesday 19th April 2016 : emoji  unicode  

A new proposal to Unicode from Mark Davis (Google Inc.) and Peter Edberg (Apple Inc.) could be a huge emoji upgrade if accepted.

Emoji Hair Colour, Gender and Direction by Beard Emoji

It includes flags for subdivisions of countries, gender variants of new and existing emoji’s, hair colour and directional emoji’s.

Gender variants could have stemmed from the Female Runner Emoji Submission last October 2015 but it’s not too clear if it will be an addition to the emoji keyboard or if you will be presented with options, like when you hold down on an emoji to choose skin tone.

Flags would include Scotland and California where directional emoji’s would include the pointing finger in both directions and thumbs up from both hands.

The most interesting point on the agenda is hair colour and stating “a red-haired dancer” which would be a huge step closer for Ginger Parrots Change.org Petition “Apple, red-heads should have an emoji too” which has cranked up over 17,500 signatures.

The proposed hair colours are; black, blonde, brown, red, grey and with the addition of bald (no hair) of which would be combined with skin tone. If this type of complexity is doable, then why not length and colour of a beard - which we have included in our Beard Emoji Submission.

However, if the proposed emoji mechanisms titled “UTS 52” are accepted, it could take a while before they are released and for manufacturers to implement them in their next software update.

Fingers crossed, on both hands, they are accepted soon.


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