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Friday 24th July 2015 : unicode  google  change  apple is a petition based platform which has been proven to help reach the decision makers at the highest levels of government and businesses.

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Beards have been grown in many lengths, shapes and colours since the existence of man. We have a Santa and moustache emoji (not to mention a bunch of useless ones too). So close, yet so far.

After a little research, we noticed that there are multiple beard emoji petitions floating around however non of which have reached much victory. We found that, a petition based platform with over 100 million people in 196 countries creating change in their communities, gave us the option to reach official decision makers at the highest levels of government and businesses.

Within our first 100 signatures, we had received emails from a member of the Unicode Consortium (the organisation that coordinates the development of the Unicode standard to release emoji characters) however we also need to reach the decision makes of Apple and Google in order to make this happen.

We are not petitioning against such organisations or companies. We are simply trying to get our voice heard for all those beard wearers and pogonophiles who would like to see a #BeardEmoji released into the digital world.

To show Unicode, Apple and Google the demand of a beard emoji, we need your help. Sign the beard emoji petition today, share with your friends, family and beard gang.


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