4,000 Beard Emoji Signatures

Sunday 12th June 2016 : unicode  petition  milestone  change  

One year on and over 4,000 signatures to our beard emoji petition.

4,000 Beard Emoji Signatures by Beard Emoji

It's been almost a year since the Change.org beard emoji petition was created and over 4,000 of you beard wearers and pogonophiles have signed.

During this time, I've learned so much about how emojis are developed and released to the digital world and onto our devices via Unicode, Apple and Google, spoke to some amazing people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, not to mention those who have emailed me directly to support our documented proposal to Unicode.

It seems the fight for a beard emoji is still going strong since a wave of concern over Unicode announcing 72 new emoji's being scheduled for release on 21st June 2016, which still does not contain a bearded man emoji.

Fear not. I'll still be pushing this as far as I can but in order to do so, please tell your friends, family and followers of our campaign.

Thanks for everyone’s help and support.


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